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Our company was created in 1989 by two fierce competitors (Smock and Schonthaler), both already in the insulation business for many years.

Each of us constantly maintained leading edge technology, competitive prices and impeccable services. Being readily available to our customers, articulating product knowledge and providing unlimited vendor resources all enabled us to not only survive, but prosper.

Today Smock and Schonthaler has evolved to machining and manufacturing insulation products as well as distributing for major insulation, pipe trace, heat cable, and acoustic material manufacturers.

Following are links to our websites, each with a distinct family of products and applications:

Thermal Insulation, -450ºF to +2300ºF, including instructional videos!

Acoustic Insulation - everything for sound and noise control, with convenient online shopping for select products.

Solar Pipe Insulation - specialized foam rubber pipe insulation, can provide energy savings up to 88%!

Heat Cable - for snow, ice and freeze protection for process control, pipes, gutters or walkways.

Who is "The Insulation Guy"?
We are a team of dedicated insulation professionals dedicated to customer satisfaction. Together, we are "The Insulation Guy"!
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Seated, left to right:
Jeremy - inside sales and traffic
Linda - office manager
Owen - mouse catcher
Standing, left to right:
Faris - special fabrications
Eric - sales manager
Mike - application specialist
Steve - outside sales
Certified by The National Institue for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers Inc.

Member: North American Insulation Manufacturers Association